Protected Mode Bootable Debugger


Description of the Project

"ProDebug" is a Protected mode bootable debugger , it can boot off a floppy and can be used to debug protected mode programs in the 386 class of intel processors. It can also be used as an educational tool to teach about the protected mode by writing small programs and tracing through them,watching what happens to the processor registers and various tables like gdt ,ldt etc.
It is designed as a small kernel,provides support to handle the keyboard,screen (with scrolling capabilities) and the floppy drive.It also provides a few system calls that the user programs can use to access the above periphrals. It was coded in C and Asm like most kernels.

I acknowledge and profusely thank professor R. Kalyan Krishnan under whose guidance I made this. This was made as a part of the CSD course offered at Dept of CSE, IIT Madras.
Please click on the links below for an extensive usage guide ,tutorial and to learn what protected mode is.

  • Download Prodebug NOW!
    Download the prodebug src tarball now.
  • What is protected mode in 386 ?
    A small tutorial on Protected Mode Programming , this assumes you are familiar with basic 8086 concepts.

  • Introduction to the Prodebug
    Introduction and salient features, also describes how to run the debugger.

  • Tutorial on using Prodebug with screenshots
    A hands on tutorial session on using ProDebug.Click here for a quick introduction on how to use the debugger.

  • Detailed usage guide and command manual
    Detailed usage manual , lists all the commands that the latest version of the ProDebug supports.

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